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tagged by :icondp-draws-stuff: !! thanks so much

i said i was gonna follow the rules for once but oops still not there yet 

#3heart [F2U] 

Pixel Clover 1) Digital or traditional art, what's your preference? Pixel Clover
Depends!! I used to like traditional art more because most of my stuff was school doodles but lately its been hard to get a good sketch on paper even :/ I do prefer doing all my painting traditionally tho, i dont have the patience for digital sometimes

Pixel Clover 2) Name three favorite childhood movies. Pixel Clover
sleeping beauty for sure, bed knobs and broomsticks was always mine and my sisters favorite, but chitty chitty bang bang was and always will be my favorite movie from a kid! my dad and i still sing truly scrumptious while making dinner or washing dishes ;D

Pixel Clover 3) What is a talent you wish you had but don't? Pixel Clover
I always wished i was more athletic. i would LOVE to be on a sports team ugh. there are certain ones id do really good at in pe but it only lasts 10 minutes before my stamina runs out,,, i was never a healthy kid 

Pixel Clover 4) Name a song, movie, or TV show people would be surprised to know that you like. Pixel Clover
I mean i watch power rangers so NOTHING could be more surprising than that,,, or unsurprising depending on how long youve known me dghjfhg. i do kinda like once upon a time still like low key... mostly the first season it was really good. i haven watched anything past season 3 lol

Pixel Clover 5) If you like videogames, which is more attractive to you--a compelling storyline, or intuitive gameplay? Pixel Clover
o lemme slurp up that storyline babey

Pixel Clover 6) What are some of your favorite scents? Pixel Clover
i the general smell of the outdoors. like theres a very specific smell that comes to mind and its the smell of getting out of the car when we first pull up to our cabin in the adirondacks of the pine trees and the lake and it just. oof thats absolutely my favorite smell if im being gay here. i also love any fruity smells and lavender !! 

Pixel Clover 7) Would you rather be able to fly to the heights or swim to the depths? Pixel Clover
i mean i am terrified to do both but i have to with flying since i cant swim anyway

Pixel Clover 8) Any favorite documentaries? Pixel Clover
nothing specific just those creepy serial killer/murder case ones you watch at like 2am on netflix when you cant sleep

Pixel Clover 9) If you could have a Youtube channel, what sort of content would you post? Pixel Clover
i do have a youtube channel! with almost 1000 subscribers too :O its kinda a mess of content but id love to be one of those art channels that make animatics all the time and do livestreams of them drawin oof.... art goals

Pixel Clover 10) Think of your favorite teacher(s) from elementary/junior/high school.  What made them so special to you? Pixel Clover
the one that really stands out to me when i think about influential teachers i had was my us history teacher from junior year! he was my sisters psych teacher when she went to school but im not sure if he ever realized djfhghrgdf. lots of people didnt like him because he was one of those strict teachers that gave out homework every night and basically treated a regents class like an AP/college class but he was still super fun!! my grades started slipping a lot that year due to uh,,, things going on at the time and i ended up failing a lot of classes each quarter but he was still supportive and worked with me to get assignments in. i was going to fail that course but i pulled it together last semester and last day of school he told me he was proud of me and gave me a big hug and left a long message in my yearbook and it makes me so happy whenever i read it :) this is super long but god he just impacted my life so much that year and i dont think i wouldve passed junior year at all if it werent for him believing in me. 

Pixel Clover 11) If you could go on a Ferris Bueller-type escapade for a day, where would you go and what would you do? Pixel Clover
i would go to nightopia because i would be in bed sleeping

Pixel Clover 12) Favorite pizza toppings? Pixel Clover
if buffalo chicken pizza counts tho i like that since its just buffalo chicken on bread its hardly pizza dgjhd

Pixel Clover 13) And finally, pick a vacation--beach, mountains, countryside, city? Pixel Clover
MOUNTAINS thats my home B*tch 
  • Watching: power rangers lightspeed rescue!!!
  • Playing: shiny hunting in sumo for chinglinggggg
  • Eating: wainbow gowdfish


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Mayurasan Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch!
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np!!! i thought i was already watching you but apparently not rrrip 
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how was i not watching you your art is really good wOWZAS i love your style !!!
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[charlie puth BOXINLION remix] we don't talk anymore.

hihihi we havent spoken in a long time but i just wanted let u know that ur art's rad and ur rad and keep doin what ur doin <3
ElectricMaren Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2017
HEY WHAT TH HECK!!!!! HI!!!!! why wasnt i watching you anymore.....did da glitch out ...
ur arts so rad too im cryin how have you been 
saltybees Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i moved accounts awhile ago that may have been why-- but

hhHHHH i've been on and off but definitely better than i was in the past!! how have you been? ;v;
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ohhh thats probably it i dont come on da enough to see that ;o;
and thats good im glad!! ive been ok too 👌🏻
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Hey, I don't know how active you are here, but happy birthday! :party:
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